Ideally, preserving natural tooth structure and retaining your own teeth is the best case scenario. However, when certain oral symptoms make this impossible, tooth loss results. Symptoms such as tooth decay, gum disease or injury may render teeth unsalvageable, leading to the need for effective, long-term tooth replacement with dental implants.

What Leads to Tooth Loss?

Losing adult (or permanent) teeth, while unfortunate, may be a necessary step in improving oral health. Tooth extraction may be indicated in the event the following symptoms are present:
  • Tooth Decay: Caused by acid-producing bacteria, tooth decay may range from incipient (slightly into the enamel layer) to severe (entering the pulp chamber, or nerve center of the tooth). When tooth decay becomes extensive enough to cause significant destruction of tooth structure, the only option may be extraction.
  • Gum Disease: Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is caused by a number of oral bacteria that produce toxins within the mouth. The human body responds to these toxins by breaking down bone tissue supporting the teeth. If enough bone is lost, there is little to support the teeth, which often end up requiring extraction or falling out on their own.
  • Injury: Trauma or injury to the mouth or facial areas can result in tooth loss. Injuries to the jaw or those that impact teeth directly may sever the attachment between the teeth and gum and bone tissues.

Replacing Single or Multiple Missing Teeth

Methods of replacing missing adult teeth have evolved over the years, offering permanent options closely mimicking natural tooth structure. There is no better representation of the natural tooth-to-root relationship than that found in dental implants. Dental implants address oral symptoms like tooth loss by replacing the root of the tooth with a biocompatible titanium post and a natural looking, appropriately sized implant crown or other prosthesis. Dental implants are extremely versatile, offering single tooth replacement with one implant to multiple tooth replacement utilizing a bridge or denture.

When to Visit a Dentist

If tooth loss is imminent due to tooth decay or gum disease, or has already occurred such as in the case of injury or advanced oral infection, tooth replacement is the next step to consider. For more information on addressing tooth loss with dental implant solutions, contact your dentist today.

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