August 24, 2016

If you are in need of single tooth, or multiple tooth replacement, you may be considering dental implants. However, if like many people you have the cost to consider, you may be concerned by the potentially high initial price tag.  The average dental implant cost in Westchester, CA, can vary widely depending on the type of replacement involved. The many benefits offered by implants, though, can make them more than worthwhile.

Lasting Smiles

Dental implants are constructed to endure as they are made from medical-grade titanium and other durable materials. If properly cared for with the usual brushing, flossing and other standard oral health routines, they can last for your entire life.

Natural Looks

When a dentist makes your dental implant, it is specifically designed to match the shape of your mouth as well as the appearance of your other teeth. This means your replacement can be virtually indistinguishable from what was originally there. Patients often find their self-confidence improves with their restored smile.

Easy Eating

In addition to looking natural, dental implants function very much in the same way as regular teeth. Because these replacement teeth are implanted directly into the jawbone, eating, talking and other oral actions are generally as simple with implants as they were with the patient’s original teeth.

Long-Term Health

As well as making your day-to-day life easier, dental implants can improve your oral health in the long-run:

  • Their placement in the jaw can stimulate the formation of healthy bone and puts no extra pressure on your remaining teeth, helping preserve them.
  • They are as easy to clean and maintain as your regular teeth.
  • They leave no extra gaps for food particles to get caught in and cause plaque buildup.

The many advantages of dental implants make them worth the price for the majority of patients.  At the office of Dr. Glenn Sperbeck, we are happy to discuss implants and other options with you. Call us at (310) 670-6944 to schedule an appointment and start improving your smile now.



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