January 8, 2018

When you have dental problems, it’s hard to know who you should turn to for treatment. While minor issues can typically be solved by a dentist, more complicated issues may need to be handled by an experienced oral surgeon.

Dr. Darrell Steele is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon who offers dental cosmetic surgery and facial plastic surgery. He received his training at Baylor College of Dentistry and at the University of Texas at Arlington. He now practices at Steele Dental and offers a variety of surgical procedures designed to improve the health, appearance and function of the mouth.

Signs You Need Oral Surgery

Oral surgery should always be handled by an oral surgeon. Here are a few symptoms that may indicate the need for treatment by a surgeon:

  • Persistent swelling, fever, pain and other signs of infection near your wisdom teeth: These may indicate impacted teeth that should be removed before severe infection and decay occurs.
  • Jaw misalignment or clicking sounds with mouth movement: These symptoms are commonly experienced by people with temporomandibular joint issues. In some cases, oral surgery may be needed to correct the problem.
  • Frequent, deep facial infections: If you’re frequently experiencing facial infections for an unknown reason, the cause may be located deep within your oral tissue. A surgeon may be able to diagnose and treat the problem by draining the infection, removing any infected areas, or taking out badly damaged teeth.
  • Tooth Loss: If you’re missing a tooth (or many teeth), you should see an oral surgeon. Dental implants may be an option if you don’t have gum disease and if you have enough bone to support an implant.

Dr. Steele offers a variety of surgical treatments for problems like those mentioned above. He can extract wisdom teeth, perform sinus lifts as needed, place dental implants, and graft bone into areas with low bone mass.

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