March 9, 2024

Have an infected tooth or teeth? When people have infected teeth, a skilled and trusted dental practice can treat them with a root canal in Orlando, FL. In a root canal procedure, the inflamed or infected tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta percha. The results of a root canal procedure can benefit a patient in many ways.

Interested in learning about how exactly a root canal procedure can benefit a patient’s smile? Continue reading to learn about how a root canal can benefit a patient’s smile.

How Will A Root Canal In Orlando, FL Benefit My Smile?

Root canals can benefit a patient’s smile in a number of ways. The following goes into detail about how exactly root canals benefit a patient’s smile.

Preserves The Natural Tooth:

Root canals help to preserve the patient’s natural tooth so that they don’t need tooth extractions and subsequent dental implant procedures.

The Natural Alignment And Appearance Of The Patient’s Smile Is Maintained:

Because root canals prevent the patient’s natural tooth from getting extracted, it means that the natural alignment and appearance of their smile is maintained.

Eliminates Tooth Pain And Discomfort:

By removing the infected or inflamed tissue from the tooth, a root canal eliminates pain and discomfort, improving the patient’s overall oral health. This allows the patient to have a more confident and pain-free smile.

Prevents The Infection From Spreading To Other Teeth:

Treating tooth infections with a root canal procedure prevents that infection from spreading to other teeth or into the jawbone, which could cause further aesthetic and structural damage to a person’s smile.

The Tooth Crown Enhances The Look Of The Patient’s Smile:

A tooth crown is what restores a patient’s tooth after they have had their root canal procedure. The color, shape, and size of the tooth crown is custom made to give the patient a beautiful new tooth that looks natural in their smile.

Come To Our Office So We Can Save Your Smile With A Root Canal In Orlando, FL

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