April 4, 2019

If you’re looking for dental implants in Dallas, TX, to replace missing teeth, it’s not hard to find someone who advertises them. What you might not realize is that while there are many dental professionals with the training and certification to place implants, there are some who receive more training on the subject than others. Among those who receive the most experience during their schooling and other professional training are periodontists, which is why you should consider one for all your implant placement needs, even if you aren’t experiencing gum disease symptoms.

Gum Disease and Implants

The link between professional training that emphasis implant placement and gum disease treatment isn’t hard to find. Your periodontist learns early that one of the most common symptoms of advanced periodontal disease is tooth loss. Since it’s important to replace missing teeth promptly and gum disease patients often need complex reconstruction support if their symptoms reach an advanced stage, periodontists receive additional training in those techniques that gives them a deeper understanding of the way implants work. As a result, they enter their profession with a deeper pool of knowledge.

Benefits of Dental Implants in Dallas, TX

If you’re wondering whether to go for implants or bridge work, here are some advantages to implants to consider as you’re making your decision:

  • No dietary restrictions, enjoy your favorite foods
  • Fast recovery time
  • Simulates the action of teeth in the jaw
  • Permanent, you’ll only need a replacement in cases of trauma
  • Natural-looking replacement teeth for a bright smile

These reasons are why more and more dental professionals are recommending implants for every patient who qualifies for them. For more information, contact our office today for a consultation. Our staff will find a time for you to talk to the periodontist about your case, including your reasons for tooth loss and the number of teeth you will need replaced.



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