August 15, 2018

Are you one of the estimated 120 million Americans who have already lost at least one permanent tooth? Although you’re not alone, you’re also in a tricky health situation because every person with missing teeth in Naperville, IL, alone risks immediate and long-term oral and systemic problems.

What’s the issue with missing teeth or having one extracted by a professional dental provider? Actually, there are several concerns:

  • Without a natural tooth to stimulate the surrounding jawbone, reabsorption occurs. Over time, this gives the area a sunken-in look and may cause other teeth to slightly or severely shift. If you already had orthodontics, you don’t want to lose your winning smile!
  • Gum disease often occurs at the site of missing teeth. As bacteria continue to build, they threaten the health of the surrounding soft and hard tissues. This can lead to future tooth loss. Plus, gum disease has been linked to a variety of health problems including stroke and diabetes.
  • Depending upon where you are missing a tooth or teeth, you might have difficulty speaking clearly or eating the foods you enjoy.
  • Having noticeable missing teeth, especially where people can see it, can lead to feeling less comfortable in social situations including job interviews and celebrations.

Single or multiple dental implants can immediately improve your function and aesthetics if you’ve lost a tooth. Created from a surgically implanted post, an abutment and a crown prosthetic, they’re the industry’s gold standard for tooth replacement. After all, they don’t just mimic the look and ability of your tooth; they also help keep your bone healthy and strong.

August has been named “Dental Implants Month” by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Why not celebrate by making an appointment to discuss how you can permanently replace your missing teeth in Naperville, IL, at our comfortable, modern office?



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