January 17, 2017

It seems like not that long ago that as individuals aged, they would hear more about their peers getting fitted for dentures. These days, it seems like more people are talking about dental implants instead. Your dentist can help you decide which choice is appropriate for your unique situation, but it is a good idea to thoroughly explore all of your options. Here are a few reasons why Dr. Mason O. Miner thinks a lot of people are looking into implants to replace missing teeth.

The Technology Has Come a Long Way

It might have seemed like major surgery a few decades ago, but the technology for inserting a dental implant has come a long way over the years. Some procedures can even be completed in a single visit. If you require a bone graft before the implant post can be inserted into the jaw, the procedure might take several visits over a few months to complete. Still, the technology has made it much more convenient and less painful than ever before to implant a prosthetic tooth.

They Are Becoming More Affordable

Believe it or not, dental implants are not only for the super-rich. While they may be more expensive when compared to dentures, you have to consider the benefits you are getting. Implants are a permanent solution that help prevent the jaw from deteriorating and require only the same care you give your natural teeth. Some dental insurance policies may cover part or all of the procedure, reducing the direct cost to you. Be sure to ask your dentist about affordability and how they can work with you to help you get the dental treatment you need.

They Are a Long-Term Solution

Implants are great for individuals who qualify for the procedure and who desire a long-term solution for missing teeth. With the right care, implanted teeth may last for well over a decade. They also look just like your natural teeth, and Dr. Miner can even match the color to your surrounding teeth. For more information about implants and other tooth replacement services, contact our office today.



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