April 11, 2018

When you need a teeth replacement option, you need to think about the permanent benefits to your health that each option brings. When you consider those angles, there are a lot of reasons to see dental implants as the best option. Over the years, processes for implant dentistry have allowed them to be used for everything from single-tooth replacement to a complete replacement that would have traditionally involved dentures.

Advantages of Implants

Dental implants have a few advantages over other teeth replacement options for this process (such as dentures or bridges), as they provide:

  • Bone and jaw support unseen in other options
  • No worry about whether they fit right or whether the fit will change over time
  • Permanence, with no planned replacement
  • A look just like your original teeth, so they are more aesthetically pleasing
  • Strength, since their titanium anchors and porcelain tooth replacement design makes them difficult to damage

With these advantages, it’s easy to see why they are the recommended choice for patients who qualify for them. Implants mean a smile that will last forever.

Determining if You Are a Candidate

Most patients are candidates of dental implants, as the procedure is accessible to more patients with advanced technology. However, patients still need to be evaluated before a procedure can be scheduled, since dental implants cannot be placed when there is a low amount of jaw bone. After evaluation with an experienced periodontist such as Dr. Hogan, a personalized teeth replacement plan will be developed based on your unique situation and oral health. Most patients are candidates for the dental implant procedure.

To schedule a consultation and explore your options for completing your smile, contact Dr. Hogan’s office in Mt. Pleasant, SC today. You deserve a complete smile for life.



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