August 28, 2017

If you’re missing a tooth or even a bunch of teeth, you might be considering dental implants. These replacements offer many benefits and are an effective solution to lost teeth as an adult, but not every adult is a good candidate for implants. To know if you might benefit from implants, here is a list of characteristics that we consider ideal for people who want implants:

  • Should have healthy gums and teeth
  • You will need good bone density in your jaw to support the implant
  • You must be committed to taking care of your teeth following the implant
  • Should not suffer from uncontrolled diabetes or another autoimmune disorder, as this can impact your ability to heal
  • You should be a non-smoker
  • If you’ve been treated for cancer, you should not have been treated with bisphosphonates
  • You should understand that the process will take up to a year and be willing to commit the time to appointments and healing

You may have to undergo other treatment for gum disease or to build up your bone density before receiving the dental implants. During your first appointment with our office, we examine your mouth to determine the best course of action given your specific needs. If you do not have sufficient bone density, you may want to consider the All-on-4 implant procedure, which relies on just four implants to replace an entire set of teeth.

Dentures and bridges are temporary fixes for tooth loss. A dental implant is much more comfortable and can help prevent bone loss in your jaw. The titanium post actually fuses to your jaw bone, acting much like the tooth root, which gives more support in your face. If you’re ready to take back your smile, contact our office to let Dr. Busch answer your questions and put together a treatment plan for more confidence and better health.



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