July 18, 2018

Many patients looking for cosmetic improvements to their smile find themselves having to research the differences between their many options. In many cases, that means having to understand differences that are not always widely advertised by the dental industry itself, like the difference between implant dentistry and the work done by a prosthodontist.

What Is the Difference?

A doctor with the specialist’s license receives four years of additional training above and beyond that given to general dentists. That means they have more hands-on practice with real patients who need cosmetic and restorative teeth replacement solutions before they open their doors to the public. This extra training is also coupled with an intensive education in the science behind the various implants and prosthetic options they use, making them more prepared to find previously unforeseen consequences when reviewing patient treatment options.

When do You Need a Prosthodontist?

Any time you’d call a regular dentist. They’re fully trained in general dentistry as well as their specialty, and most will practice general dentistry as well. That’s probably not the answer you were looking for, though. A specialist’s skills are specifically useful when you are trying to make sure you have expert assistance with your teeth replacement. That means any time you’d need the following:

  • Bridge work
  • Implants
  • Dentures
  • Crowns

It’s at these times that the extra education and training a prosthodontist receives is most useful, because it’s these specific procedures they receive their extra training in.

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