October 26, 2016

Whether you have a missing tooth or a damaged one that needs to be pulled and replaced, dental implants are one of the most valuable treatment options available. When teeth are missing for long periods of time with no replacement, the actual structure of the face and jaw can change as the bone deteriorates without the tooth and tooth root to stimulate it. Dental implants can fix this problem, and the treatment process is fairly simple.

The Simple Steps of Dental Implants

Dental implants are an outpatient surgery that is performed in several different stages. The doctors here at Waterside Dental in Pinellas Park are highly qualified and experienced in placing dental implants in unique situations. The process usually includes the following steps.

  • The damaged tooth is removed if it is still present
  • The jawbone is prepped for surgery, which may require bone grafting
  • After the jawbone is healthy, the metal post is placed in the jawbone by your surgeon
  • The post remains for several months as your jaw heals and your bone grows around the post
  • If your implant is unstable, you may need a separate appointment for the abutment to be placed, which is simply an extension of the implant
  • Once the soft tissue has healed, molds are made of your jawbone and teeth to make the final crown
  • The final crown is placed over the implant and you have a natural looking smile

Because dental implants require healing and waiting for growth in the jaw, dental implants can take several months to place. The timeline will depend on your individual situation, as every patient is unique and different.

A Whole New Smile

Dental implants replace missing, decayed or broken teeth with strong implants that look natural. You get the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted without worrying about bone deterioration. Contact us at Waterside Dental in Pinellas Park today to schedule a consultation.



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