August 6, 2018

There are many reasons why a tooth extraction becomes necessary. A patient may suffer from a crowded mouth, or an infection could have developed. Either way, many patients are nervous about the procedure when they step into our office, but many people, after speaking with Dr. Jig Patel, find the treatment is much more manageable than first believed.

During the Procedure

Before our dentist pulls a tooth, you will first be given a local anesthetic to make the process more comfortable. In the event more than one tooth needs to be pulled, our dentist in Schaumburg, IL will have to provide general anesthesia. Our dentist will need to cut at the bone and gum tissues. Once our dentist can grasp the tooth with forceps, he will gently loosen it. In extreme cases where the tooth is impacted significantly, our dentist will need to remove it in pieces.

Gauze will go in the socket to slow down the bleeding. Stitches may be necessary. Once the procedure is done, our dentist will go over what you need to do as far as recovery.


After the Procedure

In general, recovery after a tooth extraction requires several days. There are various actions our dental professional will recommend, such as taking painkillers. You will also need to apply an ice pack to the area to reduce swelling. During this time, you should avoid smoking and drinking with a straw.

For the first few days after the treatment, you should only consume yogurt, applesauce, pudding and soup. However, during this time, you should continue to floss and brush your teeth while avoiding the site of the extraction.

Where to Get This Procedure Done

Dr. Patel has helped numerous patients attain better oral health. You need to call our office immediately if you notice the signs of infection, such as fever and chills, because you may need a tooth extraction right away. We also offer sedation dentistry.



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