November 21, 2016

There are so many different options for replacing missing or decayed teeth. It can be a tricky challenge to figure out which method is the best option for you. All-on-4® is an amazing procedure that can have dramatic results, but not everyone is a good candidate. Learn more about whether or not All-on-4® is right for you and whether the doctors at Dr. Robert Capps’s office can perform this procedure for you.

What All-on-4® Is For

All-on-4® is a unique dental implant option because it replaces an entire row of teeth, rather than individual teeth or groups of three or four. If the extent of your tooth loss does not affect either your entire top or bottom row of teeth, or near an entire row, there are likely other procedures that would be more beneficial for you. All-on-4® is commonly chosen as an alternative to dentures to avoid bone atrophy issues.

Who All-on-4® Benefits

To be a good candidate for All-on-4®, there is a certain amount of bone density you must have. Of course, this procedure is frequently recommended because it is viable even with lessened bone density. Additionally, health complications such as diabetes and other diseases or lifestyle choices, such as tobacco use, can reduce the chances of All-on-4® being successful.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Ultimately, only a qualified dental professional can determine whether All-on-4® is a good fit to solve your tooth loss issues. There are many more complicated aspects that they will be able to take into consideration alongside these. Be sure to ask Dr. Capps what tooth replacement option suits your specific needs best.

Contact the dental office of Dr. Capps to schedule an appointment. Learn more about All-on-4®, as well as all the other procedures that can help you regain your confident and beautiful smile. All the doctors at our office are happy to help you however we can.



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