August 24, 2016

Receiving the proper dental care is critical to not only the health of your mouth but also the health of your entire body. While general dentists are able to address many general issues, sometimes it is necessary to see a specialist to address certain issues. A prosthodontist could be one of those specialists.


Prosthodontics is a specialty within the dental profession. This particular specialty focuses on the diagnosis, treatment planning, maintenance and rehabilitation of oral health, function, appearance and comfort. It also deals with conditions related to missing or deficient teeth and oral tissues.

Prosthodontist Difference

In short, a prosthodontist specializes in the restoration and replacement of teeth to provide optimum functionality and appearance to the smile. Along with the rigorous coursework of a dental program and the necessary licensing exams, prosthodontists also take an additional two or three years of training. This training is completed through a hospital or university-based program that is accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). Individuals receive training in several different oral related issues, including:

  • jaw joint problems
  • traumatic injuries to the mouth
  • dental implants
  • birth or congenital anomalies to the teeth
  • oral cancer reconstruction
  • sleep disorders
  • snoring
  • and more

The training is completed using a number of different methods, including lectures, reviews of literature, lab experiments and treatment of patients.

The Benefit

Though a general dentist can provide quality care, a prosthodontist can be beneficial for more complicated oral issues. A prosthodontist is specifically trained to recognize and address the common issues that individuals face that plague the smile. Not only can they provide treatment, but they can also work with you to develop a plan to best suit your needs and overall goals.

If you seek quality dental implants in Jacksonville, FL, consider Dr. William Gielincki. With extensive knowledge and practice as a prosthodontist, he can help to address your oral health issues and ease any further concerns. For more information or to schedule your appointment, contact us today.



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