January 4, 2018

For patients with significant missing teeth due to trauma or oral health complications, finding the right dental care can be tricky. That’s largely because the need is rare enough to make public knowledge about the dental professionals who specialize in treating these conditions a little bit hazy. When you are dealing with tooth loss and you need significant help finding the prosthetic solutions that allow you to have a comfortable, healthy smile once again, you need a prosthodontist like Dr. Ferrier.

Prosthetic Dentistry as a Specialty

While they are not widely discussed in popular culture, prosthodontists play a key role in the dental community, one that requires significant amounts of additional training, study, and practice. Dentists who choose to further specialize into this practice go through an additional three years of schooling and training, in addition to the additional certifications they need to pass to prove the training was effective. This extra training revolves around the use of crowns, bridges, dental implants, and cosmetics.

Why Choose a Prosthodontist?

If you are considering the choice between a general dentist and a specialist for your tooth replacement, there are many good reasons why prosthodontists might be your best choices:

  • They are the recognized experts on prosthetics in the dental community
  • Extra training gives them special insight into smile dynamics and the preservation of a healthy mouth in general
  • Expertise with the most advanced cosmetic and functional tooth replacement options
  • Insight into the challenges of patients with certain underlying oral health conditions

Setting Up a Consultation Appointment

If you are currently looking for a dental professional to handle your tooth replacement and you want to make sure you have found the best person for the job, it all starts with a consultation. Contact our office in Lafayette, CA today to make an appointment with Dr. Ferrier, and find out for yourself what working with a specialist can do for your oral health.



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