April 26, 2018

dental implants

Dental Implant construction isolated on white

Implant crowns can crack for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons for a crack is the food you eat. For example, hard foods are more likely to cause a crown to crack, so if you chew on a hard food in the wrong way, it could lead to dental damage. However, some dental crowns can weaken over time and damage for seemingly no reason. If your dental crown cracks, you may experience serious pain as the worn-out tooth or gum is re-exposed. You should try to schedule dental implant restoration in Charlotte, NC as soon as you can after you crack an implant crown.

Learn About Dental Implants Restoration

When your dental implant gets cracked, you may fear you need to have the entire structure replaced. However, we can repair or replace the tooth portion of your implant without addressing the post part of your dental implant. This makes the procedure easier on you and faster. Many patients are able to schedule and finish the restoration in a single day.

Because we want your smile to be at its best, we try to match the crown or implant with the rest of your teeth. Besides improving your smile, what other benefits might you notice from this type of restoration?

  • Hide misshapen teeth
  • Improve chewing abilities
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Mimic look and feel of natural teeth

If you have a dental implant or dental crown, it may become cracked over time. Thankfully, you do not have to go through the entire procedure again. Instead, you can have your dental structure repaired by us if it gets cracked or broken.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you crack your dental crown, you need to get in to see Dr. Layton, your dentist in Charlotte, NC as soon as possible. Finding a practice that can get you in and out in the same day can decrease your discomfort for the exposed tooth. Call us at (704) 333-1620 today or contact us online to schedule your appointment and get your oral comfort back.



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