June 14, 2018

June is National Safety Month, so what does your oral health have to do with being safe? It should come as no surprise that a hard impact – such as playing contact sports in the summer – can cause significant damage to your teeth. In some cases, playing contact sports can result in missing teeth. You might be tempted to just leave a missing tooth as it is, but this is actually unsafe. This is why when it comes to missing teeth and National Safety Month, Dr. Richard Assing and Dr. Brenton Assing of Brandon Complete Dental Care in Brandon, FL want you to think about dental implants.

The Problem With Missing Teeth

While a missing tooth might not seem like a big deal, it actually creates more serious problems over time. First, the hole in the gums could become infected, resulting in potentially serious health concerns. Second, the teeth surrounding the missing tooth are at a much higher risk of falling out, leading to more missing teeth. Not taking action to fix a single broken or missing tooth now could be costly.

Your Jaw Needs Support

Your teeth also act as a support system for your jawbone. With a tooth and its root system missing, the jawbone starts to deteriorate, which can lead to a misshapen face. When your prosthodontist puts in a dental implant, the titanium post embedded in the jawbone acts as the new support, preventing further deterioration.

The Safety of Your Oral Health

You should act now to protect your oral health for yourself and your children. Physical activity has its risks, but there are solutions if your teeth happen to suffer damage. The sooner you act, the safer your teeth are likely to be. A skilled prosthodontist may even be able to offer treatment that preserves a tooth before it falls out. To schedule a dental implants consultation or checkup with either Dr. Assing, contact our office today.



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