December 27, 2015

Thanks to recent advances in dental and periodontal science, there are now more treatment options than ever to help combat tooth loss. Among the most popular are dental implants. These are individual titanium screws anchored into your jaw bone upon which a custom abutment and ceramic crown is placed. As your dentist in Clearwater, FL will tell you, implants are the closest you can get to regular teeth. You even maintain them like normal teeth. However, as is the case with any dental procedure, not everyone is the ideal candidate for this treatment.

Understanding and Dealing With the Precluding Factors

Although rare, there are certain medical conditions, such as autoimmune disorders or diabetes that can preclude you from qualifying for implants. A dentist in Clearwater, FL will be able to tell you what these are. However, there are also certain behavioral patterns that could also call your candidacy for dental implants into question. The reason being is that much like normal teeth, implants are subject to wear-and-tear over time. Indulging in them could potentially hinder the success of your implant procedure before you even go through it. These patterns can include:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Smoking
  • Drinking surgery or acidic drinks
  • Not being an active participant in your medical or dental care

You alone have the greatest influence in determining if your dental implants will provide you with all of the benefits that they can deliver. Fortunately, each of the aforementioned precluding factors are elements that you can control. Even if you happen to be an active participant in some of these practices, working closely with our staff here at Northwood Dental can help get you to where you need to be in order to be considered a legitimate candidate for implants.

Dental implants can help to restore your self-confidence by rejuvenating your smile. We here at Northwood Dental are here to help place you in the ideal position to qualify for this procedure. A consultation with any one of our providers will help pinpoint those practices to be avoided in order to be considered a candidate. To schedule your consultation appointment, call us today at 727.288.9085.



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