January 28, 2016

Typically, dental implants are used as an alternative to dentures for patients that want a more stable and natural solution. Many of the people who are recommended for implants seek them out because of issues like denture slippage, or else they want a solution where the care and maintenance will be more in line with care for their natural teeth. Both of these features are common for implant, but there is a bit more to it.

Partial or Single-Tooth Implants

Whether you are seeking out dental implants in Racine, WI or a cosmetic dentist in Chesapeake, VA, you’ll find that full denture replacement is just one of the options for implants. Since the implant can be sized and fitted to fill any need, it is possible to use them for single-tooth replacements and for multi-tooth partial replacements. These options involve

  • Traditional bridge work to span the gap
  • Implants as a substructure to anchor the bridge work to the jaw

The result is a durable, well-anchored, and natural replacement for teeth. If properly cared for, the implants will have a long lifespan, and care typically involves the regular brushing and flossing routine your dentist already recommends.

Options for Replacing All Teeth

Dental implants can replace all the teeth on the top or bottom jaw, or they can be used for both if the circumstances require it. As with any surgical procedure, the exact work you have done will determine both the risks and recovery times, so it is important to consult with a professional about your individual case. This is true whether you’re looking to get dental implants in Racine, WI or you want to find a steady cosmetic dentist in Chesapeake, VA. Depending on your case and condition, individual recommendations might vary.

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