January 25, 2016

If you are a resident of Northglenn, Colorado who has missing teeth, a dental care professional may recommend getting dental implants. There are several reasons why this type of treatment may be suggested:

  • The integrity of your jaw is compromised due to missing teeth
  • You feel ashamed about your missing teeth
  • You want to replace one missing tooth without affecting surrounding teeth

A general dentist in Northglenn, CO can make an educated recommendation about whether this is the right course of treatment to pursue.  When you make an appointment at Mountain View Family Dental, Dr. Tristan Collins will review many factors, including some outlined below.

Dental Implants Are Long-Term Solutions

Other types of dental work, such as dental bridges, may only last five to seven years However, dental implants could last at least a decade. With that in mind, you can consider them good investments.

Dental Implants Take Time to Complete

Dental implants are placed in the jawbone, which is why good candidates must have a jawbone structure strong enough to support them. Usually, the dental implant process cannot be completed in less than a few months, because it takes that amount of time for the bone to heal.

Dental Implants Seem Real

The technology used to make dental implants has become so advanced you can expect an implant to look and feel like a real tooth. If your self-esteem has been damaged because of tooth loss, implants may help you feel more confident.

Implants Are More Expensive Than Other Treatments

Although there are several things that determine cost, dental implants are usually approximately $4,000. Initially, you may feel this is too expensive for your budget.

However keep in mind, we want to make it as affordable as possible for people to see a general dentist in Northglenn, CO about dental implants. Ask us about payment plans or rely on us to help you submit insurance paperwork.

Make an appointment at our Northglenn office today so Dr. Collins can discuss more of the pros and cons of dental implants for your situation. Just call 720-943-6888.



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