September 23, 2016

When a significant portion of your smile requires restoration, All-on-4 dental implants are the way to go. Many people who cannot get a single implant find that All-on-4 is a viable option because it generally does not necessitate a bone grafting beforehand. Once your teeth are replaced, you will notice all kinds of benefits.

Restored Confidence

Having multiple gaps in a smile can make anyone self-conscious. Some people refuse to smile at all or will put their hands over their mouths any time they laugh because they do not want to show their teeth. Once you get dental implants, those habits will be a thing of the past.

Greater Comfort

Dental implants fuse directly with the bone in your jaw. They do not move around or need to be taken out. This means you can eat whatever you want and talk whenever you please. You have the peace of mind that implants are practically as good as your natural teeth.

Superior Longevity

Dental implants themselves are incapable of developing an infection or cavities. However, you still need to take care of the rest of your oral structures so that gum disease does not develop. As long as you see our oral surgeon regularly and take care of your teeth at home, you should be fine.

Improved Facial Appearance

Implants do a lot more than just enhance the aesthetics of your smile. They can also help you maintain your overall facial appearance. The reason is that implants stimulate the jaw bone, stopping it from deteriorating after losing a tooth. This means your face continues to look the same way it always has for years to come.

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