November 30, 2017

As you’re putting together your shopping list for the upcoming holiday season, why not treat yourself to a little something? Dental implants are the gift that keeps on giving every time you smile or enjoy a holiday meal with your loved ones. Here at Genninger Dental in Tampa, FL, we’re committed to giving you the best in oral health, and replacing missing teeth is a big part of that.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

While there are several other options available for replacing missing teeth, not all of them are as effective or cosmetically appealing as dental implants. For instance, implants are a great way to keep your teeth from crowding into the gaps left by missing teeth, which can result in oral problems the longer those gaps remain. Your jawbone is also likely to wear away without the root to provide it with the stimulation the bone needs to remain vital and strong.

Do you currently wear dentures instead of implants? If so, you might have firsthand experience of how uncomfortable dentures can sometimes be when compared with your natural teeth. Implants feel better and can be just the confidence booster you need to eat, smile and laugh without worry or embarrassment.

The Drawbacks of Other Dental Replacements 

We’ve already discussed some of the drawbacks of dentures, but what about other replacement methods? When it comes to bridges, there’s a chance you can experience decaying just underneath the bridge. There are also instances in which your teeth might have to be ground or shaved down before placement. Some patients have to undergo root canals before receiving bridges.

While implants might be more expensive than bridges or dentures, the long-term advantages far outweigh that overall cost. A dentist can also inform you that you might also spend more over time for other tooth-replacement methods.

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about dental implants. Schedule your consultation today to learn more and further explore your options.



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