January 26, 2016

When it comes to tooth replacements, there are several beneficial options available, including dentures, bridges and dental implants. Depending on your bone density and general health condition, your general dentist in Novi, MI may recommend that you receive implants if you want a reliable, long-term tooth replacement solution. Although dental implant treatments may be a bit more expensive than some other treatment options, they offer a variety of worthwhile benefits. Here are the top reasons why you should consider receiving dental implants for your tooth replacement needs.

1. Durability

An implant is inserted directly into the jaw bone, where it eventually becomes integrated directly into the bone. This gives it superior strength and durability and makes it a long-term solution for missing teeth.

2. Appearance

While the implant itself is buried in the bone and gum tissue, it is topped with a crown that is carefully designed to match the shape and color of your natural teeth. Once fully healed, an implant is so realistic-looking that most people will not be able to differentiate between your natural teeth and your implant.

3. Convenience

Implants are permanently affixed in the mouth, which means that they do not need to be removed for cleaning purposes. Care for them just as you would care for your natural teeth, and they will last for many years.

4. Bone Stimulation

The roots of your teeth constantly stimulate bone growth in your jaw, which helps to combat degradation. When your teeth fall out, they no longer stimulate the jaw and deterioration can occur. Implants take the place of tooth roots and provide the same stimulation effects to the bone.

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