March 8, 2018

If you are missing one or more teeth, you are not alone. Many adults can lose teeth due to a variety of causes, including gum disease, decay, genetics, physical trauma, and health issues. Fortunately, our dental office offers many options for tooth replacement, including All-on-4® dental implants. Dr. William Gielincki is a talented prosthodontist with over 30 years of experience, and he can create a personalized treatment plan to address your oral health issues and restore a beautiful smile. If you are a good candidate for the All-on-4® procedure, you can look forward to many potential benefits.

Permanent Dental Restoration

While removable dentures may be the best option for some patients, dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. All-on-4® implants can be used to securely anchor full upper or lower prosthetic arches that offer several benefits, including:

  • Secure attachment
  • Natural appearance
  • Comfortable eating
  • Correct jaw alignment

Additionally, titanium dental implants offer benefits as well. Most notably, they fuse to the jawbone like natural tooth roots and stimulate healthy bone tissue growth.

Minimal Implants

The All-on-4® procedure offers many patients the ability to receive prosthetic teeth without requiring numerous incisions or bone grafts. Because Dr. Gielincki places the implants in strategic locations in the jaw, just four of them can support a full upper or lower arch of replacement teeth.

Quick Results

Depending on a patient’s exact oral health situation, he or she can complete the All-on-4® treatment in as few as two appointments. Dr. Gielincki can set the implants and attache a temporary prosthesis during the first appointment. After about six months, the implants have usually integrated with the jawbone and are ready to support the permanent prosthesis.

Call Today for a Consultation

If you are missing teeth and wondering about alternatives to traditional dentures, we can help. Our friendly staff can schedule an appointment for a full consultation with Dr. Gielincki. He can assess your oral health and provide treatment recommendations to get your teeth and gums healthy again. To start the process toward restoring your smile and confidence, contact us in Jacksonville, FL!



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