February 19, 2016

Most people do not relish in the idea of undergoing surgery, so if you are facing an appointment to get dental implants in Raleigh, NC, it might seem natural to be nervous about it. Tooth implants are false teeth or bridges that are affixed to a metal root that gets installed in your jaw. While this description may not relieve your anxiety, there are a few reasons that you should abandon your stress and get excited about it instead.

Unbeatable Success Rate

The success of any dental work is dependent upon the health, aftercare and unique physicality of each individual. Some procedures, however, have a higher general success rate than others. It is estimated that 98 percent of dental implants are successful. This remarkable rate is due to the unique healing process in which the implanted artificial root bonds with the bone in your jaw.

Implants Are Rapidly Becoming as Common as Crowns and Bridges

You may be nervous about tooth implants simply because they are a relatively new option, and they are not as common as crowns and bridges. Data suggests, however, that the number of patients electing to receive implants is rising rapidly. Right now, approximately 3 million people in the United States have implants, and that number continues to grow.

Dental Implants Might Mean Fewer Trips to the Dentist

If the thought of getting dental work done induces fear, you probably want to keep your visits to regular cleanings and examinations. Dental implants have a lifespan of decades, which means that you will be in the office less often than you might be if you opted for a less durable solution. Since the implant fuses to your jaw, you can stop worrying about the stress of replacing or repairing it every few years.

Trust an Expert for Your Dental Implants

If you are still stressed out about getting dental implants in Raleigh, NC, consulting with an expert dentist may put your mind at ease. You can trust me, Dr. Naran, to answer all your questions. Call 919-263-3388 to set up an appointment.



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