November 13, 2018

There are fewer experiences more frustrating than trying to eat your favorite foods and not being able to because you have missing teeth. Some people delay treatment because they think there are no options available to them or they cannot afford treatment. Dr. Amar Katranji at Michigan Implants & Periodontics offers solutions for missing teeth in Ann Arbor, MI, including the option for All-On-4® dental implants. 

Risks of Delaying Treatment for Missing Teeth

No matter if your teeth are missing due to trauma or due to decay, failing to seek treatment creates even greater risk. When you put off visiting a dental professional to help with your missing teeth, you may run into these complications:

  • Cannot eat your favorite foods: You could find yourself using other teeth to chew your food, which not only limits you on the foods you eat, but it could injure your jaw if you are dramatically changing the way it moves.
  • Difficulty speaking: You use your teeth a lot when making certain sounds. Missing teeth can make it more difficult to pronounce words, leading to difficulty speaking.
  • Jaw bone deteriorates: The roots of your teeth act as support for your jawbone, helping to give your face its shape. Without those roots, your jaw bone actually starts to deteriorate.
  • Adjacent teeth may loosen and fall out: Each of your teeth also supports the teeth surrounding it. Missing teeth means the adjacent teeth are at a higher risk of falling out.

Frustrations of Denied Treatment 

Not everyone qualifies as a candidate for dental implants. If you do not have sufficient bone density, you may not be a good candidate. This can lead to additional frustration when your desired treatment seems out of reach. 

All-On-4® May Help 

All-On-4® dental implants let you replace up to a full arch of missing teeth – and it only involves placing four implants in the jaw. This means more people may qualify for the procedure and restore the full use of their teeth. To find out if this treatment is viable for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Katranji.



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