July 11, 2017

Your dentist is an important part of a comprehensive health plan for your mouth and teeth. It is also essential to make regular appointments with your dentist for preventative care, cleaning and cavity treatment. When it comes to oral surgery, though, it may be wiser to go outside of your regular dental office and see an oral surgeon instead. Dr. Darrell Steele is a provider focused only on dental surgery in Coppell, TX. Our office can help patients looking for oral surgeon in Coppell, TX. If you know you need surgery for something like dental implants, wisdom teeth removal or another complex dental procedure, look to an oral surgeon for treatment. Here are some of the reasons why patients may prefer an oral surgeon over a dentist.

Specialized Care

Many dentists offer a menu of services to their patients that go beyond routine oral care. It is not unusual for dentists to offer dental implants, tooth pulling or even cosmetic services. Oral surgeons, on the other hand, only perform dental surgery, which is their primary focus of expertise.

More Experience

Oral surgeons have completed education and training beyond that of a general dentist. In addition to this preparation, oral surgeons usually have years of experience performing dental surgeries.

Better Treatment Options

At an oral surgeon’s office, you may also find more options for your surgical treatment than you would at a typical dentist’s office. Oral surgeons are able to give patients more pain relief choices than some dentists as well. They may also offer more advanced surgical techniques.

Improved Outcomes

The last reason to choose an oral surgeon is to potentially improve your surgical outcome. If you want to get the results you are looking for from your surgery, it may be best to choose an oral surgeon.

Contact us today if you need to get a consultation for dental surgery. Dr. Steele can help you with all of your oral surgery needs and treatment options.



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