November 12, 2018

When patients want to replace failing teeth with dental implants in Naperville, IL, one of the top concerns is how long they will have to go without wearing teeth. Missing teeth are an embarrassment, even when they have been intentionally extracted. The same-day dental implants technique allows you to have one long visit, where extractions are performed, dental implants are inserted, and temporary teeth are placed. You walk out of the office with a brand new smile.

What to Expect from Same-Day Dental Implants

  1. Consultation: Your doctor will evaluate the state of your teeth, gums, and bone. Oral health is only one factor when placing dental implants. Other considerations include recording missing teeth, existing teeth, and restorations; recreating your smile’s height and bite; and determining how to best support your facial structure.
  2. Diagnostics: Your doctor will perform all necessary CT scans to ensure that there is a comprehensive view of your mouth, jaw, nerves, and sinus cavity. These 3D images will be critical to planning the location of your dental implants.
  3. Planning: Computerized CAD software is utilized to determine optimal placement of dental implants, leveraging areas with sufficient bone density while avoiding the sinus cavity and nerves.
  4. Placement: On the day of surgery, extractions will be performed, and bone will be reshaped, if necessary. Dental implant posts will be placed strategically in the jaw bone, at locations that were mapped out by the doctor in the planning stage. Temporary teeth are placed.
  5. Recovery: The titanium posts of your new dental implants will take months to integrate with the bone. In that time, your soft tissue may also change shape.
  6. Permanent Teeth: Once the healing process is complete, your doctor will place your permanent teeth. They will look natural and feel stable, when secured to your dental implants.

If you are missing teeth and would like to learn more about dental implants, call our office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Kaz Zymantas has extensive experience with dental implants in Naperville, IL, and can permanently restore your beautiful smile. You will not have to spend a single day without teeth.



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