June 26, 2018

Missing make many people feel self-conscious when they are out in public and want to smile or laugh. Some people put off visiting the dentist because they worry about the cost associated with fixing their teeth, but dental technology has evolved to include many surprisingly affordable options. One long-lasting solution is dental implants, which provide many benefits beyond merely replacing your missing tooth.

Eat What You Want

The dental implant procedure involves placing a titanium post into the jawbone, which secures the post in place. After the jawbone heals, this post should not move, even when you speak and eat. This means implants do not have the same restrictions as other dental prosthetics. You can still eat what you want without worrying about your implant shifting awkwardly.

Restore Your Smile

A good dentist like Dr. John Cervenka at Southpark Dental Group will ensure the crown that tops the implant post matches the teeth surrounding it – including the color. This makes the implant look just like your natural teeth, so you can smile without anyone knowing you had a missing tooth. Thanks to modern color-matching technology, you can also rest assured of a natural color, so the implant does not stand out from the rest of your mouth.

Care for Them Like Real Teeth

Many dental solutions have special cleaning instructions. For example, you must be careful to clean dentures thoroughly or ensure your dental aligners are clean before placing them on your teeth after eating. With permanent implants, you can brush and floss like normal, and that is all there is to their care. Simply clean them the same you clean your other teeth.

Make Them Last a Lifetime

Implants are a long-lasting solution. As long as you take the time to properly care for them, they can last anywhere from a decade to a lifetime. All it takes is a few visits, and you are set with a fully functional tooth replacement. Find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants today by contacting our office in Orlando, FL and scheduling a visit with Dr. Cervenka.



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