May 4, 2016

For a very long time, dentures and bridges were the only options available to patients with damaged teeth. While these provided adequate resolution at the time, they often broke and required replacement periodically. Innovators in dentistry developed implants that can be installed by a professional periodontist. Drs. Greg Fertik and Glenn Shefter provide dental implants in Brevard, NC, which offer many benefits that dentures cannot: permanence, stability, a natural look and reduced downtime. This is a relatively recent innovation, however, and you may be wondering what led to their development.

Dental Treatments Throughout Time

Dental treatments have evolved, of course, but perhaps the earliest technological basis of implants was seen in the Egyptians’ use of ligatures. These gold wire reinforcements were constructed to stabilize teeth and prevent breakage. This method was also utilized and further developed by the Phoenicians. They splinted damaged teeth with wires to maintain them and prevent further damage. Implants use a similar metal base to join a denture with the patient’s jawbone.

Development of Implant Technology

Dentistry eventually moved beyond splinting and reinforcing to treatments involving patients’ whole mouths. Rather than binding teeth with wires, dentists began utilizing screws as replacements for missing teeth. Though this technology had a lot of development to do, it also laid the groundwork for the dental implant technology used by many periodontist offices today.

Implants in Modern History

Dental implants became a popular option to treat damaged or missing teeth within the past several decades. Modern technology that allowed for easier manufacture arrived at the turn of the 21st century and implants began to proliferate. Their current incarnation provides reliable treatment to patients dealing with damaged teeth.

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