February 19, 2016

Not so long ago, if someone was missing a tooth or multiple teeth, the only option was removable dentures. These days, technology allows for dental implants. When installed by our professional periodontist and properly taken care of, dental implants in Chicago, IL can last for decades. However, proper installation does require several steps. Read on to learn about the dental implant timeline.


Consultation Appointment

The first step to receiving dental implants is a consultation appointment with our periodontist. During the consultation, he or she will tell you exactly how long the process will take as well as what to expect during and after.


Assessment Appointment

The next appointment will be an assessment that includes x-rays, a review of your dental history and examinations of your oral health. Some patients might need bone grafting to prepare for the implant surgery. Depending on how complicated the assessment becomes, it could take several months to heal.


Surgery Appointment

On the day of your surgery, our periodontist will take impressions of your jaw if we have not already done so. We use these to make your dental prostheses. Next, you will receive either local anesthesia or another form of sedation while you have the titanium implants inserted. After the implants, you will need to recover for anywhere from three to six months while they fuse to your jaw bone. During the healing time, you will have a temporary prostheses to wear.


Prostheses Fitting

Once your implants fuse to the bone, you will receive your permanent prostheses. If the fit is right, they will be cemented in place. If not, our periodontist will realign them to ensure the best fit possible.


The Recovery Process

Between three and six months after your permanent fitting, you will return to ensure everything is working properly.

With regular dental checkups and proper brushing and flossing, your implants are likely to last a lifetime. To learn more about dental implants in Chicago, IL, call Dr. Amarik Singh at 630-686-1531.



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