November 9, 2017

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Feast With Dental Implants - Alsio Viejo, CA & Mission Viejo, CADid you know that tooth loss is much more than a cosmetic embarrassment? Although losing a tooth can have an immediate effect on the appearance of your smile, it can also have a more dangerous, unseen effect. After a tooth is lost, the missing tooth roots no longer stimulate the bone of the jaw. Without this stimulation, bone loss starts to occur. Thankfully, dental implants in Aliso Viejo, CA and Mission Viejo, CA can prevent bone loss from occurring by stimulating the jaw bone where the missing teeth once were. Implants are the only tooth replacement method that offer this type of stimulation and can help preserve the bone.

So, what happens if you decide to leave your empty tooth sockets unfilled and allow the bone to degrade? Here are a few common problems that come with prolonged jaw bone loss:

  1. Bite Changes 

When a missing tooth is not replaced, it leaves a hole in the gum and jaw bone where the tooth was anchored. Over time, adjacent teeth will move to fill in the empty space, and your entire bite could change significantly. Bite changes can make it more difficult to eat certain foods, and they can even change the way you sound when you talk.

  1. Altered Appearance 

Besides causing noticeable gaps between teeth, tooth loss can also alter your appearance by affecting your bone structure. As the jaw bone degrades due to lack of stimulation, it can affect the shape of the face and cause premature wrinkling around the mouth. Facial muscles can become weaker and the lips can appear thinner as the bone structure changes.

  1. More Expensive Treatments 

The longer you go without receiving treatment for missing teeth, the more bone loss you will likely experience. When loss of bone is severe, treatments become more expensive and potentially more invasive.

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