January 4, 2016

When most people first hear about dental implants, they don’t sound like the most appealing procedure. Even those who don’t have an aversion to the dentist’s chair might balk at the idea of having an implant drilled directly into their jaw. However, for those who are missing teeth or who have had teeth severely damaged by decay, implants are often the best and most efficient way to replace them. These are some of the many benefits of oral implants for your teeth.

Improve Appearance

Implants help improve your physical appearance, most notably when your mouth is open and your teeth are visible, but also when your mouth is closed. The implant can help fill out your lips and jaw, giving you an overall appearance that is more attractive and youthful.

 Keep Remaining Teeth Healthy

 When teeth are missing, the teeth around the gap have to do extra work to make up for their absence. Research has shown that getting a dental implant can significantly reduce wear and tear on the natural teeth that are still in your mouth.

 Stay In Place

 Implants are anchored firmly in place by the bone of your jaw. This means that they won’t slip around when you chew, no matter how tough the food you are eating. Many can also be maintained through brushing and flossing, just like your real teeth.

 Are Relatively Quick and Pain-Free

 Though they are an invasive procedure, implants may not take as long to put in place as you think. Many procedures can be done under local anesthetic and completed in one day. With a number of different implant procedures available, there is sure to be a suitable option to repair your dental situation with a minimum of discomfort and inconvenience.

 To find out if you are a good candidate for a dental implant procedure, contact Dr. Steven Chang, your trusted dentist in Goodyear, AZ.



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