September 9, 2016

The Benefits of Dental Implants
When teeth are damaged or missing, the first place most professionals turn is toward dental implants. Dental implants are not only good for your health, but can make you feel better about yourself. Whether you have missing teeth because of decay, a traumatic injury or gum disease, we can help you restore your natural smile with dental implants in Kyle, TX.
Second Only to Natural Teeth
Implants are stable and strong, and essentially restore the lost tooth to feel, fit, look and function exactly like a natural tooth. While there are other options for replacing teeth, they can also lead to deterioration of the bone and may interfere with smiling, speaking and eating.
Long Term Solutions
Implants are intended to last a lifetime, while other replacement options have to be replaced regularly. When implants are placed correctly and maintained and cared for, you may never need them touched again other than periodic adjustments.
Your Natural Face
When teeth are lost, the shape of the jaw can shift over time as the bone crumbles. Implants are actually placed in the jawbone to stimulate and encourage regeneration so you retain the same look as you did with your natural teeth.
Protects Healthy Teeth
If you only have a few teeth missing, dental implants won’t mess with the healthy teeth around them when they are placed. Your natural teeth are preserved and you keep as much of your smile as possible.
Speak, Eat, Talk Freely
Dentures are a valuable option for some that are missing teeth, but there is always the risk that they will slip while you are talking, eating or speaking. Dental implants are placed so that they act as natural teeth and are never removed. You can eat, speak and talk freely without worry of your teeth moving.
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