January 7, 2019

Patients who need a total tooth replacement option have not traditionally had very many options. That is changing though, thanks to an innovation on traditional dental implants. This new process uses four implanted anchors to support an entire arch of teeth, providing an alternative to dentures that is permanent, natural-looking, and strong enough to handle the foods you love. This newer implant procedure is called TeethXpress® dental implants, and it might be right for you.

Who Is a Candidate for TeethXpress® Dental Implants?

This procedure is only used for a complete arch replacement, so if you are seeking a partial replacement, you should plan on getting traditional implants. Dr. Weimar can explain more about implant dentistry in Maple Grove, MN, at a consultation, but traditional implants were designed for partial arch replacements. TeethXpress® implants can be used to replace either an upper or lower arch, or both if necessary. Patients need to meet the following criteria to qualify for the implantation procedure:

Stable health with no conditions that increase the risks associated with anesthetic use
Adequate remaining gum and jaw bone mass to support the four implants required to support the replacement teeth
Optionally, a plan to graft tissue to replace missing gum and bone mass
No uncontrolled oral health conditions that pose an infection risk to the surgical site

When Should You Ask About Implants?

Ideally, patients should be guided into a plan for replacing missing teeth at the point where tooth loss is inevitable, but that is not always the way things work out in practice. Prompt replacement is the key, because the longer a patient waits, the more permanent changes happen to the jaw, including the loss of tissue that is vital to the stability of dental implants. For patients that need the total replacement available with TeethXpress® dental implants, it’s important to remember that total tooth loss leads to rapid tissue decline in many patients. Contact our office today for an appointment.



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