March 5, 2019

Full Arch Teeth Replacement? You Might Need Stabili-Teeth


In recent years, full arch dental implants have taken off as the top recommendation for full teeth replacement because they are permanent, and they preserve the patient’s ability to eat all their favorite foods. Unfortunately, traditional implants can be costly when you are replacing a full arch of teeth. Implant-supported dentures, on the other hand, provide a cost-effective solution with the same permanence and stability. When considering which option suits your needs, consider the custom design and fit offered by Dr. Medgaus’s Stabili-Teeth procedure.


How It Works


The process uses traditional dental implants and NDIs in a unique formation to create the custom support structure necessary to give you a natural look and feel while supporting dentures instead of full implants. The hybrid structure brings the stability of implants and their permanence, along with their ability to stimulate the jaw and preserve tissue. It also brings in the utility and ease of replacement involved when you opt for dentures, allowing you to quickly change out the dentures if they become worn or damaged. All it takes is a visit to our office.


Get the Benefits of Implants at a More Accessible Cost


If you are priced out of traditional dental implants, you don’t need to settle for dentures whose fit will change over time. Stabili-teeth provide you with the same results as full arch dental implants but with costs that are more comparable to dentures. The best part? Same day placement makes the entire process faster for you.


  • Enjoy your favorite foods
  • Get back to your daily routine
  • Improve your ease of speech


If you have been looking for the full arch tooth replacement option that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget, you need to make an appointment for a consultation today. Our staff is ready to set you up with a time and to answer your questions.

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