May 10, 2017

Conventional wisdom holds that how you look and sound are even more important when giving a speech or presentation than what you actually say. Dental implants can help you both look and sound better, whether you are planning on speaking in front of a large group or just want to make sure your family can understand you at the kitchen table. Replacing missing teeth – especially those in the front of the mouth, gives the lips and tongue a solid surface to press against, making it easier to pronounce sounds in the front of the mouth. This makes your speech clearer and more natural sounding so there’s no confusion about what you are trying to say.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Temporary dentures can provide the look of natural teeth, but they may not help with speaking problems. Dentures that are not fitted well can slip in the mouth, causing the wearer to slur his or her words and speak indistinctly. As dentures age, they can also begin to slip and your speech may suffer as a result.

What to Expect from Implants

Immediately after you replace missing teeth, you may find your speech affected in a negative way. This is just your mouth muscles becoming used to your new teeth. Once you have had dental implants for a few weeks, you will adjust and find that your speech is much clearer than it was before. In some rare cases – especially those of people who have had missing teeth for a while – a few sessions with a speech therapist may be required to train your lips and tongue.

Benefits of Speaking Clearly

    • Don’t have to repeat yourself
    • Can be understood in loud situations
    • Speak more forcefully and persuasively
    • Serious consideration from friends and colleagues

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