October 5, 2017

Missing teeth can be a difficult thing to deal with aesthetically and functionally. There are a few options that you have if you lose a tooth. While your periodontist can discuss what is best for your specific situation, it also helps to get a little background on your options first.


A bridge is a dental piece that replaces a missing tooth. It is supported and kept in place by adjacent teeth. The biggest drawback is the supporting teeth have to be strong and healthy in order to hold the bridge. If you have other dental issues, such as additional missing teeth, this might not be your best option.

Furthermore, a bridge does not stimulate the jaw bone. Without stimulation, the bone tissue in your jaw is absorbed back into the body, which could affect other teeth and can change the way the bridge fits.

Dental Implants

Your other main option is a dental implant. There is a growing movement towards this option because it offers you a more permanent solution. The implant is put into your jaw. It stimulates the jaw bone, helping to prevent bone loss, while also serving as a natural looking replacement tooth.

There are many people who have dental implants in Southern Pines, NC, because they enjoy not having to worry about the false tooth. Dental implants can replace any tooth and function and look just like a natural tooth, which is more reliable option than a bridge.

In addition, a bridge may need to be replaced at some point in the future due to fit issues and problems with the supporting teeth. Dental implants, however, are much more permanent. Barring any damage to the tooth, it is long-lasting.

If you have issues with tooth loss it is well worth your time to look into implants over other options. You may be surprised at the many benefits you get choosing this option.  Contact Dr. Van Scoyoc at Van Scoyoc Periodontics and Implants Center for Oral Health for more information.



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