January 1, 2018

When the clock strikes midnight this New Year’s Eve, why not make your teeth your first resolution? You can get beautiful dental implants and give yourself an entirely new look for 2018. You will need to choose a highly skilled dentist, like Dr. Andrew Mohlman, to give your mouth the best possible start for the upcoming new year. More people than ever are realizing why implants are the way to go for tooth restoration treatment. Here are some reasons why they are becoming so popular.

Your New Look

The biggest motivator to get implants is a new look. No one wants to walk around and show off a mouth full of missing or broken teeth. Implants solve the problem of ugly teeth and can finally give you a mouth full of perfect, white teeth. This way, you will look your very best for 2018.

Comfortable Feeling

Implants are not just about looking great. You can also improve your comfort when eating and speaking. If you have been suffering from pain when eating for years, you can get relief with implants. Your teeth will be in the right place for proper bite alignment, giving you back that pleasure when you eat.

Permanent Durability

Patients love implants also because of how durable and strong they are. Some other types of treatments do not last more than 10 years, but implants can last for a lifetime if you take care of the rest of your mouth with a good oral cleaning routine.

Optimal Convenient Solution

Implants are also the most convenient treatment option for people with a busy lifestyle. They never have to be taken out for cleaning, which means you will never lose your teeth. Implants act and feel like your natural teeth more than any other dental appliance or product.

If you are excited about changing your teeth for 2018, contact our office in Kennewick, WA today to ask more questions about implants. We can help you reach your oral health goals with a new set of implants!



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