September 17, 2018

Although plenty of people use the terms “periodontist” and “dentist” interchangeably, there are some key differences between the two. Primarily, periodontists specialize in treating and preventing periodontal disease. They also receive special training to place dental implants. It is for this reason you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Lindsay Eastman, a skilled periodontal expert with decades of experience, when you require implants.

Reduced Risk of Complications

Studies have shown there is a higher rate of success and lower rate of complications when patients get dental implants from periodontists instead of dentists. This is due to the fact periodontists need to receive an additional 5,000 hours of training to learn how to place implants. Dentists do not go through the same training, so you can have greater confidence in a periodontist’s skill set.

Better Management of Gum Disease

Before you qualify for dental implants, you first need gum tissue free of disease. Since periodontists specialize in the gum tissue, they know precisely what to look for prior to starting on your dental implants. Additionally, gum disease is a major problem for many patients after the implants are put in. Some individuals will develop peri-implantitis, which is a variation of gum disease. By scheduling regular appointments with your trusted periodontist, you can help keep that disease at bay.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Another advantage is that periodontists know how to support the gum tissue around the implant site to ensure you are left with the most aesthetically-pleasing results. It can be difficult to control how the gum tissue heals following the surgery. Since periodontists specialize in oral biology, they know how to attain the most attractive outcome.

All These Benefits and More at Our Office

Contact Dr. Eastman’s office to learn more about dental implants. Dr. Eastman has the training and experience you cannot get elsewhere in Sarasota, FL. Before you know it, your smile will be good as new!



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