October 15, 2018

Prosthodontist working with dental prosthesis

Prosthodontist working on a dental prosthesis.

If you’re wondering what a prosthodontist is and when to make an appointment with one, you’re not alone. As a dental specialty, it has not had as much press as the periodontist or orthodontist’s vocations have received. In recent years, though, the demand for this specialty has increased. Partially, this is due to a population with an increasing average age, which indicates a growing need for advanced dental procedures in general. It’s also because there are now more procedures than ever that fit into this specialty.

What’s the Difference Between Prosthodontists and a Dentist?

When you go in for general dental work, the professionals who see you have received comprehensive training that covers the whole spectrum of oral health problems and treatments. When you go see a specialist, though, you’re seeing someone who did that and then went through four extra years of training in a specific aspect of your oral health. Prosthodontists specialize in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the mouth. Specifically, they are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that are likely to cause missing teeth, and in the procedures available for reconstructing your smile after you lost teeth.

What Kinds of Procedures Can a Prosthodontist Help With?

Prosthodontists have extra training in the following areas:

Whether the reason you’re working on your smile is restorative or cosmetic, you’ll find you are in great hands whenever you need any of these procedures.

Make an Appointment

If you’re ready to take the next steps to preserve, restore, or reconstruct your smile, call our prosthodontist’s office in Manhattan, NY at (347) 269-2305 today to make an appointment with Dr. Schmidt at Smile In The City. Our helpful staff is ready to set you up with a convenient time, and then you can get all your questions answered. Don’t wait! The sooner you get your consultation, the sooner you will be enjoying the smile you always wanted.



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