January 29, 2016

Your smile says a lot about you, and if you are missing teeth you are probably self-conscious about it. Not only do gaps in your teeth affect your confidence, but they also have negative health consequences. While there are a few options for replacing absent teeth, dental implants have become a popular choice. If you have been debating getting dental implants in Eau Claire, WI, Dr. Bruce Trimble is the dentist to meet.

Consequences of Missing Teeth

A mouth that is missing some of its teeth does not function as well as it should. Not only is it difficult to chew and speak clearly, but over time it can change the structure of your jaw. Missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to move and become crooked, and worst of all bone loss can occur, which weakens the jaw and changes how the face looks. If this is the case for you, dental implants are worth exploring.


  • Stable- implants use a titanium rod that acts like the root of the tooth, which makes them very stable and help sustain the structure of the jaw
  • Natural fit- implants usually look more natural than other replacement options
  • Long-lasting- implants have the potential to last a lifetime, which can make them more cost effective than other methods


  • Breakage- if the forces in the mouth are greater than the implant strength, the implant can break within the jaw
  • Infection- there is an increased chance of infection in individuals who take medications that lower the immune system or who have certain diseases. It can also occur in patients who smoke or do not take care of their teeth or if the surgical technique is unsound.
  • Cost- dental implants generally cost more than other replacement methods

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