December 21, 2016

Dental implants are becoming a much more common method at combating tooth loss, with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry showing over 500,000 people receiving them on average every year. Yet qualifying for implants is not as simple as walking into our office here at Trimble Dental and scheduling your procedure; your mouth, gums and jaw bone have to first be in the right state to receive them.

What Causes Jaw Bone Loss?

What causes jaw bone deterioration? Typically, it is due to a lack of stimulation in alveolar bone (the area that normally supports your teeth). This often occurs following tooth loss due to:

  • Extractions
  • Gum or periodontal disease
  • Trauma

Inflammation in the marrow of your jaw bone due to osteomyelitis can limit its blood supply and contribute to its deterioration, as can air pressure created through sinus deficiencies. Jaw misalignment and developmental deformities are also common culprits.

In some cases, the use of dentures or dental bridges may inadvertently cause jaw bone damage as well. That is because the underlying cause of the deterioration (lack of stimulation to the alveolar bone) is not addressed. This can lead to dentures floating and moving around in your mouth as bone resorption continues.

Bone Grafting in Preparation for Receiving Dental Implants

Dental implants can reverse the effects of jaw bone loss by stimulating the growth of healthy new bone. However, they need to have adequate bone in place to support them. Bone grafting could help put you in position to qualify for implants. Dr. Bruce Trimble uses an autogenous bone graft (typically taken from your chin) to reinforce the bone structure already in place. Once it is determined that the graft has settled and fused sufficiently, you are ready to receive implants.

If bone loss has called your candidacy for dental implants into question, do not worry; Dr. Trimble may be able to allow you to enjoy the benefits that this treatment has to offer through bone grafting. You have our promise that we will explore every avenue possible in order to make your receiving dental implants a reality. To start your evaluation process, just give us a call today.



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