April 5, 2018

April 7 marks the end of the first week of the month, and also marks World Health Day. On this day, medical professionals bring awareness to individual health and well-being. While the focus is often on diseases or issues you would see a primary care physician for, it is also a great day to visit a periodontist and talk about serious dental issues and how they affect your overall health, such as missing teeth and dental implants. There are many benefits to implants, including:

  • Eat and Talk As You Normally Would

An implant involves placing a titanium post into the jaw bone and setting a prosthetic tooth, or crown, on top of the post. You care for the tooth as you would your natural teeth. This also means you can still eat all of the foods you love and still be able to talk normally as well.

  • Prevent Jaw Bone Deterioration

Your jaw holds your teeth, but your teeth also help to sustain the bone. The gap from a missing tooth subjects the bone to deterioration. Dental implants can act much like roots and prevent premature bone deterioration.

  • Get Your Smile Back

The fact is, smiling and laughing is actually good for your health because it helps release chemicals in your body that give you a better sense of overall well-being. Dental implants restore your confidence to smile and laugh without reservation.

Risks of Forgoing Replacement

Without a dental implant, you may face multiple oral health hazards. If you forgo the option of an implant, the gums start to recede. The jawbone starts to deteriorate, which affects the teeth around the gap. Those teeth are also at risk of falling out. In addition to difficulty speaking and eating, you may develop toothaches, headaches, and jaw pain.

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