January 1, 2018

Now that 2018 is right around the corner, it is time to put the focus back on you. If you have missing teeth in Charlotte, NC, this may be your year to finally get the smile you deserve. Stop walking around and feeling embarrassed about your mouth and invest in your smile. Dr. Thomas Layton provides natural-looking dental implants for patients who want to find another option besides dentures. If you choose to get implants for the new year, here is how your life could instantly improve.

Brighter Confidence

A new smile is the perfect solution if you have lost confidence over the years. When you smile, your face can instantly look warm and friendly. If you are afraid of showing off your smile because of your teeth, you can stop worrying about this once you get your new set of implants. You can finally feel that pride and confidence you have always wanted.

A New Look

With this confidence, you can also experience a brand new look. After getting implants, some of our patients see years of age disappear off of their faces. A bright and complete smile can make you look your best.

Increased Comfort

 Patients with a lot of dental issues usually have to adjust their eating habits and limit their food to soft items or liquids. Dental Implants can help you get back to your normal eating routine and feel less pain in your mouth as you chew.

Overall Health

The last way implants could change your life is it could improve your overall health. Constant dental issues, such as cavities, infections and gum disease could lead to more serious complications and discomfort. Implants can help you avoid some of these common issues.

Dental Implants - Charlotte, NC - Replace Missing TeethIf you are ready to get your year started off in a dramatic way, contact Layton Dentistry at (980) 322-0815 or schedule an appointment online. We can help you decide if dental implants in Charlotte, NC are the right choice for you. Let us take care of your top resolution for the new year.



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