March 27, 2017

If you are considering receiving dental implants in Pinellas Park, FL, it is completely natural to be a little nervous. After all, it is a normal human reaction to feel anxiety about things we have never experienced before. As your dentist, we are happy to report that implant surgery is so common and successful that you truly have nothing to worry about. You will be left with a bright new smile, so the only thing you should feel is the ache your cheeks will get because of your exuberant smiles following your procedure.

Tried and True

One of the first things to remember to calm your fears regarding your procedure is that dental implants have been used for thousands – yes thousands – of years. The earliest instances date back to ancient China and Ancient Egypt. Although the material and surgical technique have been greatly improved since ancient times, the value of the implant is obviously well-established. Today’s modern dental implant has also been in use for decades. This has left ample time for doctors to improve their techniques and apply new advancements in imaging technology to the placement procedure.

Comfort During Surgery

If you are worried about the pain and discomfort you may feel during and after your procedure, there are a few points you should know. Implant surgery is often considered easier on patients than a tooth extraction. Our dentist usually performs the procedure under local anesthesia, which means the implant site and surrounding areas are numbed, but you remain fully alert and conscious. If this makes you nervous, however, our dentist is more than happy to administer anti-anxiety medication and sedatives as needed prior to your procedure.

Post-Op Relief

Following surgery, your discomfort should be minimal, simply because of the exceptionally precise implant techniques that our dentist uses, and the minimal tissue disruption that occurs during the procedure. Taking mild, over the counter pain relievers are usually more than sufficient to address any pain issues.

Success Rates Tell It All

Dental implants currently have a 95-97 percent success rate. With precision, high quality of care and comfort during surgery, and minimal pain afterward, there is nothing for you to worry about. Contact our office today for more information about dental implants.



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