August 14, 2017

Despite advancements in dental care and procedures, millions continue to have tooth loss due to gum disease, tooth decay and injuries. Dentures, including bridges, once were the only option for those with missing teeth. Today, more and more patients are choosing dental implants as an alternative to glue-in dentures or bridges. A skilled dentist in Menomonie,WI, such as Dr. Bruce Trimble of Trimble Dental, can perform the procedure in his office and have you on your way in just an hour or two.

Implants Support Teeth

Dental implants are replacements for your tooth root. Made of titanium, they fuse with your bone to provide a permanent and stable anchor for dentures that perform like real teeth. Implants can give you confidence in your speech, your appearance and the foods you can eat, which may all be affected with glue-in dentures.

How the Process Works 

Your dentist will develop a treatment plan and tailor it to your needs. The implant process begins with removal of damaged or decayed teeth and implanting of a new root in the empty bone socket. The jawbone heals over a period of up to 12 weeks. When the implant fuses with the bone, your dentist attaches a small connecting post to hold the tooth and takes an impression of all your teeth to make a bite model, from which the new tooth, or crown, is made.

Oral Health Benefits

Replacing missing teeth is necessary for good oral health. If the space remains empty, you run the risk of gum disease from bacteria that collect in the empty socket or developing crooked teeth, which can spread to fill the hole. Nearby teeth do not need reshaping as required to support a bridge, and you will also have better access to the areas between teeth, which can aid you in cleaning and provide better oral hygiene overall.

Increased comfort, appearance and speech are all benefits you can enjoy with dental implants from Dr. Trimble. For more information on implants and their benefits, contact our office.



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