July 12, 2023

A dental implant in Orlando, FL, is composed of a dental implant post, an abutment, and a prosthesis. After the dental implant post and abutment are securely placed, most patients are able to get a temporary prosthesis in the same surgical procedure. When the final prosthesis is ready, it can replace the temporary prosthesis and give patients a long lasting new smile. 

Continue reading to learn more about the differences between a temporary prosthesis and a final prosthesis.

The Differences Between A Temporary Prosthesis And A Final Prosthesis

There are a few major differences between a temporary prosthesis and a final prosthesis for dental implants in Orlando, FL. The following goes into those differences in more detail:

Temporary Prosthesis: 

A temporary prosthesis is typically used when the immediate placement of a final prosthesis is not yet possible. The temporary prosthesis provides the patient with a functional and aesthetic replacement for their missing teeth during the same appointment as their dental implant surgery. As its name implies, a temporary prosthesis is only meant to last short-term, usually around six months or less.

Final Prosthesis:

In contrast, a final prosthesis is designed to be long lasting and provide the patient with a beautiful and functional new smile. The final prostheses are usually made from more durable materials, such as porcelain or acrylic resin, and they are securely fixed to the dental implants using an abutment. 

The design and fabrication of the final prostheses requires careful planning by the dental professional to ensure they are made to fit the patient’s exact new smile specifications. A final prosthesis will provide the patient with years of comfortable and functional use, so it is important to make sure that it is properly fitted and maintained.

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By understanding the difference between a temporary and final prosthesis, you can be better informed about which option will be best for you and your new smile. 

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