February 19, 2016

For generations, people who have lost their natural teeth have relied on removable dentures so they can continue enjoying favorite foods and have a natural appearance. However, these types of dentures are not always ideal, especially because they can fall out if the denture adhesive fails.

Furthermore, traditional dentures may be impractical for people with gum disease. Those dentures rest directly on the gums, but implant-supported dentures are attached to the jawbone. If you are looking for a periodontist in Sarasota, FL who has a thorough understanding of this matter,  Dr. Lindsay Eastman can help.


These Dentures Stay in Place and Look Great

While at our office, you can find out about a couple of different approaches that are used to keep the dentures secure. Dr. Eastman sometimes fits patients with dentures that remain secure through the ball and socket method. They may be suggested if you need an upper palate denture.

Additionally, you can also get implant-supported dentures that stay in position with help from a metal bar that is molded to the shape of the jawbone. Ask Dr. Eastman about this possibility if you need three or more dental implants.


Other Benefits of These Dentures

The dentures are durable due to their titanium composition. Simply remove and clean them at night before you go to bed.  Also, you do not have to worry that the dentures will move or make noises when you talk and eat. If you have faced challenges with improperly fitting dentures because your gum tissue is worn away, a periodontist in Sarasota, FL can explain alternatives.

Make a smart decision today and schedule your appointment  with Dr. Eastman at one of our two convenient office locations that are well-located to serve Sarasota patients. Reach the West Bradenton office by calling 941-357-1808 or contact the Lakewood Ranch facility at 941-585-0869. Even if you are affected by gum disease, you can still get attractive, well fitting dentures.



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