August 2, 2018

Life should be full of smiles, but you may find it hard to grin when you have a missing tooth or two. The goods news is that advances in dentistry have made it possible for those with missing teeth to get the full function of their mouth back through a number of options. Dentures are one solution people often think of, but you should also consider long-term options such as dental implants.

Why Missing Teeth Are Problematic

Dentures help many people to still eat and speak once they get used to them. However, over time, the mouth experiences certain issues due to missing teeth. One of the main problems that can develop is jaw bone deterioration. Your teeth naturally support your jaw to keep it firm. Without that support, the bone starts to waste away.

In some cases, such as a traumatic injury, a missing tooth could result in infection. In such situations, an immediate visit to the dentist may be necessary to prevent further complications.

How Implants Resolve Those Problems

Dental implants help alleviate the issues with missing teeth. An implant consists of a titanium post that a dentist like Dr. James Lesinski embeds into the jaw bone. This acts as a support similar to how your natural teeth do. The post fuses with the bone through osseointegration, lowering the risk of deterioration.

In addition, the post secures the implant in place so that it does not move around. This means it looks and functions like your natural teeth, including letting you eat the foods you enjoy. Caring for your dental implants is also simple – just brush and floss every day and go to your regular dental checkups.

Schedule a Consultation Soon

If you are suffering from missing teeth, it is time to get your summer back on track with a smile makeover. Contact our office at Complete Health Dentistry of WNY in Amherst, NY to schedule a consultation with our dentistDr. Lesinski, and find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.



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